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"Yoga Girl" Music Video by FOG and SMOG

I have a close girl friend who came over the other day and she introduced me to this video call Yoga Girl by SMOG AND FOG. I’ve never heard of the group before and was excited to hear/watch the video. (I love being turned onto new music.)

Side note on my friend she doesn’t drink...anymore. Total bummer.

She’s had some crazy good times when she was younger and realized she can continue to drink if she wants to live the life she wants to live...whatever that means...basically she’s an alcoholic.

Another note - she’s an extreme healthnut. I mean extreme healthnut.

She’s 100% Vegan, worksout all the time, fucking LOVES YOGA, mediatation, listening to relaxing music to help her find her innerself and to top it off lives on the Westside.

Living on the Westside means she lives in Santa Monica.

She’s one of those stereotypical health girls, that don’t drink, way into fitness and that every time they tell you something “healthy” you want to throw up. But I love her.

You can check out their offical site by clicking here ----> FOG AND SMOG


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