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Addie 8PM Rule

It’s hard when to call it when you’re really having a nice cracky session. My addie girlfriend suggested a rule which I think is very helpful when knowing when to call it quits when taking adderall.The rule is, not to take adderall after 8PM on a weekday. This rule, which we call “Addie 8PM” is a great rule because it forces you to get your work in without over abusing your adderall immediate release pills to keep pushing yourself and chasing the adderall buzz you had around 4:30PM.
It’s a bummer when you see the clock wind down closer to 8PM, but I tell myself not to push it, attempt to shut off, and wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed and able to take on another day.

Knowing when to call it quits is tough, especially with immediate release adderall. I think one of the most common
adderall immediate release side effects is the need to continue your buzz. It sucks coming down, but it doesn’t suck as much if you don’t abuse your pof consumption.

If you stick to the Addie 8PM rule, you’ll find that you don’t have to take ambien, drink as much booze, or smoke as much pot to fall asleep. And if you don’t have to take all the downers to come down (yes, I’m calling alcohol a downer here, but only here) you won’t be so fucking adderall hangovered tomorrow.

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