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Vyvanse Depression

The below is a comment submission I received from a reader named Nicky. I think Nicky is a lesbian because she says she is a waitress and has a girlfriend, but it really doesn’t matter. Her words/thoughts, however do. Nicky shares her personal opinion about the depression she experienced while on Vyvanse. This is a must read for anyone comparing vyvanse vs adderall.

“I’ve been prescribed adderall for years and don't know what I would do without it. However, dealing with the associated anxiety and comedowns is exhausting. When I heard about vyvanse from my doctor, she prescribed it for me and I hoped that it would solve my problems. I take one 20mg IR and then another several hours later, so she gave me 30mg of vyvanse. I was loving it for about 2 weeks.

I felt the similar effects of adderall but could tell that the vyvanse was a lot smoother. I was having a hard time with insomnia though; much different that adderall. I didn't have racing thoughts, but just couldn't sleep. I figured that my body just needed to adjust to the new drug.

After a week I was able to recognize when I was coming down from the vyvanse. One upside is that only that one pill lasted much longer than my 2 adderalls. But the comedowns got worse as I continued the drug. They started out with just a headache and return of appetite. Then I started to get really depressed. Adderall has always made me feel somewhat depressed when I come down, but nothing compared to this.

Vyvanse made me feel as if there was either something HUGE that was wrong or that was going to happen. Nothing felt right and all I wanted to do was cry, for no reason. I've dealt with depression all my life so at first I thought that maybe I was having an episode. But after I stopped the vyvanse for a few days to see if maybe it was the cause, I was fine.

The depression associated with the come down started to occur shortly after taking the pill. I would find myself dazed and somber in situations that I was usually upbeat. The way I perceived who and what was around me, sometimes scared me because the feeling that something was wrong overwhelmed me.

I was a waitress at the time and loved my job. I love people and am outgoing and talkative, especially when I was with my costumers. My coworkers even started to notice a change in my personality. My girlfriend was taking vyvanse recreationally at the time to help her study.

Whoever was giving it to her, told her that it was adderall. She knew I had taken adderall before and called me one night freaking out. She was crying and worried because she was so depressed when coming down. She told me that she knew nothing was wrong, but felt like there was. She didn't know the dosage so she sent me a pic of the pill...and it was vyvanse!

That just confirmed that vyvanse was the cause of my mood. I stopped the vyvanse and am now back on my adderall. I much rather deal with random anxiety, sweats, and dry mouth than endless depression. It does wonders for my cousin, which adderall doesn't work on, but I just can't tolerate it.”

Nicky, if you are reading this THANK YOU, for your insight. I know others must feel similar.

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