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Thoughts On POF

I find that most of my conversation our either in my head, or out loud when no one is around.

Why is it so hard for the GM’s at RiteAid, CVS and Walgreens to notice that their adderall supply is less than a college freshman attending an IVY league. Stock those shelves up like Chico State and SDSU’s library during finals week!!

After going to the bathroom 5 times in an hour, it starts to get old.

I love you History Channel.

Does the continued use of adderall make you grumpy, or are you a grump by nature? I have a few friends I need to have a talking to.

I feel like I’m in a tunnel.

I’ve sweat through 3 pairs of socks, and my keyboard is green.

Please don’t talk in the library. You’re only going to lead to another UCLA student releasing a racist video about Asians. Let’s all get along here, and quiet voices means shut the fuck up.

I cannot get enough of TOSH.0. I need to write an entire blog entry on the topic of all things TOSH. He’s too damn funny, and just right on the money when it comes down to making fun of people. --- had to limit myself writing here. POF almost got ahold of me.
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