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Teen Buried Alive While Digging a Tunnel at the Beach

So get this -- a 17 year old, got buried underneath a huge amount of sound for nearly 30 minutes and made it out alive. The teenager was "tunneling" (which means he has way too much time making sandcastles at the beach) and after the tunneling got to its tipping point, the teens tunnel collapsed on top of him. The below picture, which was taken by Newport Police Department, shows how large the tunnel must have been. The hole looks like it holds a monster from Star Wars doesn’t it?


The teen screamed and yelled, and passed out after a couple of minutes thinking he was going to die. However, fellow beach bystanders saw the collapse of the tunnel and thankfully everyone joined in the help the guy.

They grabbed beach shovels, sand toys, anything they could to help dig the guy out. Within minutes, the police, firefighters and ambulance arrived on the seen.

The effort to save this teen was huge! The chief firefighter said that in situations like this the victim normally doesn’t survive.


The rescue team has to begin digging with their hands because they don’t know how deep down he is, and in this situation he was somewhere between 5-7 feet under the ground. Holy shit!!

Piece of advice --- if you’re making sandcastles or digging a hole in the beach that is bigger than a spot for you to sit in and try to conceal yourself while taking a piss and you’re over the age of 8 you have a problem.

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