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Adderall Immediate Release Side Effects

The adderall side effects from immediate release tend to be more extreme than adderall xr (aka time release adderall). Immediate release adderall does just that... it’s immediate release and should begin to work within 15-30 minutes after consumed.

The adderall immediate release side effects which I notice first is a sensation of euphoria. It starts to build around 20 minutes after I first consumed adderall and then continues to build until the adderall starts to wear off.

There are many things to consider when determining how quickly adderall fast acting will be absorbed into your system:
  • Gender
  • Body Weight
  • Average use of adderall. Do you take it everyday? Is this your first time? Have you not taken adderall for a week? The more time you are off of adderall, or in the early stages of taking adderall, you will have a faster and more effective feeling from adderall immediately.
  • Food consumption. If you’ve eaten recently and take adderall on a full stomach, the effects won’t be as extreme. You’ll feel the adderall start to build more naturally, rather than a sudden hit of, WOW! if you take adderall immediate release on an empty stomach.
  • Current state of rest. Are you fatigued and taking adderall to get through the day? Adderall is much more effective when taken on a day when you are rested, definitely not hungover and ready to conquer class, house choirs, the kids extracurricular activity, or the work place.
  • Cardiovascular System - I notice the more fit cardio condition I am in, the faster, and more efficient adderall works for me. I have had many friends say that there is truth in this.