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Kris Jenner Loves Sexual Instant Gratification

Kim Kardashian isn’t the only one in the Kardashian-Jenner family with an endorsement deal.

Kris Jenner, the 56 year old mother of Kourtney (32), Kim (31) and Khloe Kardashian (27), has become the celebreity spokesperson for ZESTRA, a brand of sexual arousal oils that claims to “help women get in the mood and ready for romance in minutes.”


After 21 years of marriage, Kris Jenner and her husband, Bruce Jenner, make sure they have the assistance they need to keep their sexual lifestyle in order.

Kris Jenner has endorsed Zestra for one of the reasons as she believes Zestra can “add a little excitement” to any woman’s love life. Some “instant gratification” into the bedroom.

“You can’t always plan a romantic dinner or wait for a vacation to have amazing sex, so you have to take advantage of those moments of mutual intimacy. For me, [Zestra provides] instant gratification. In a busy, complicated, hectic life, you can still fit in the time for sex, and you know it’s going to be enjoyable.”

Who couldn’t use more instant gratification in the bedroom?

“I know sex is going to be good with Zestra, so why have sex without it?” Kris Jenner is quoted as saying on


Funny Table Cloth Trick

This is what happens when kids forget to take their medication.

Adderall Twitter

Let me start of by saying, if you are not following me on twitter, then you still have an “un-checked” box on your bucket list.


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Now that the awkward part is over, how much better do you feel? Feels good doesn’t it? (sidenote, I’m on 20mg right now).

The great thing about adderall and twitter, is that they both go hand-and-hand. There are only a few things better than taking an adderall and dicking around on twitter until your medication kicks in.

Who to follow?

What should I tweet?

What’s trending?

What is @IamEnidColeslaw saying this morning, today, afternoon, while she’s masturbating or shaving her vagina? (Yeah, Enid Coleslaw is some twisted bitch, and I heart her for it).

Packing (I'm no Tim Ferriss)

I’m no Tim Ferriss, but I recently packed for a long stay away from my home terf, and I think I did a pretty good job.

The best thing about being cracked out while packing is, yes it does take nearly 24 hours to finalize what to bring, but everything is packed orderly and you can fit nearly 2times as much clothes, shoes, whatever into your luggage than if you won’t being so damn detailed, (fold to center of shirt, 3rd button down).


Charlie Sheen | Tiger's Blood & WINNING!!!!

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