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Detroit Lions Travis Lewis Suspended for Adderall

Detroit Lions NFL linebacker Travis Lewis got suspended four games for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. He took Adderall.

Travis Lewis claims he thought he was taking caffeine pills, not Adderall.

“I thought I was taking caffeine pills,” Lewis said. “Big mistake. Don’t ever trust a friend that gives you something like that.”

Travis Lewis Adderall Suspension
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He thought he was taking Adderall? Are you serious? Anyone who has ever taken Adderall knows that it is nothing like a caffeine pill. It is MUCH better. Also, Lewis should not be pointing the blame to his so-called friend for fooling him into taking Adderall. Bitch please --- have you ever seen a caffeine pill that looks like an orange football with a 20mg or 10mg on it?


Adderall and Alcohol Dont Mix (5 Reasons)

Now, I’m no doctor, but I don’t think a little alcohol is going to kill anyone who takes adderall regularly.

If you are a “normal” person who is prescribed adderall to treat your ADHD, and you
DO NOT ABUSE adderall, than I think that having a couple drinks at the end of the day to wind down can actually be helpful for most people.

However, if you abuse adderall and party your balls off on it -- and then get extremely drunk ( than you should reconsider mixing your study drug with some jungle juice the next time you party on Thirsty Thursday. You’re just asking for trouble.

Here are some “medical reasons” mixed with my reasoning as to why
Adderall and Alcohol do not mix.

Uppers & Downers
Alcohol is a depressant and Adderall is a stimulant.  As much as I want to argue that alcohol is a stimulant for most people, it really isn’t. Just because you get excited and think you are superman, or have the balls to jump up on the bar and dance to your favorite song playing that the DJ is playing, it still doesn’t mean alcohol is an upper...I KNOW!! Totally mixed triggers. However, we all can agree that adderall (amphetamine salts) are uppers.

Mixing the two will not cancel each other out entirely.

Impaired Judgement
Adderall can hinder your ability to tell if you are too tired or too intoxicated.  Like, thinking its okay to drive, or not thinking you are drunk at all and continuing to drink. I’m a total victim to drinking more when on adderall. And normally, I’m not eating as much as I normally would on another day, so I get drunk even faster.

Adderall Side Effects In Men

Its fun to make fun of your friends when he or she is cracked out. Calling your friend out because he has extreme dry-mouth or telling your girlfriend her breathe stinks like a sewer and needs a tic-tac is all in good cause. Or when you attempt to form a conversation and it comes out in sporadic words with a side of tourettes you know your friends are going to have a good laugh.

Oh the joys of being so productive sometimes come with side effects that guys and girls both experience. However, there are different side effects of that effect men and women differently. Since I do not have a vagina, I’m going to start off by highlighting Adderall side effects in men, which mostly highlights Adderall sexual side effects. We’ll talk about women side effects on another post.


Cat On Adderall

Ever wonder what would happen if your dog or cat ate an adderall that you dropped on the floor? Well, in this video you can see just what happens.

The girl that is driving the car, is driving to her cat the hospital after her cat gobbled up her boyfriends meds.

The cat was probably figuring out the meaning of life, and strategizing how he could rid the world of mice, before his bitch decided taking him to the hospital was more important than his high.


Adderall Shortage 2011 Continues!

Calling all POF Friends out there. I wish I had some good knews to tell everyone but more and more information out there is telling us that the adderall shortage is only getting worse.

It’s a real bummer and complete bullshit that medication that is prescribed to treat our “illness” “disease” or whatever it is you want to call it cannot be easily acquired with a prescription.


I’m doing my best to get all the latest intell on the shortage crisis and will update all my pof friends and followers as soon as my medication kicks in.



Adderall Shortage Solutions

The Adderall Shortage that is happening across the counrty is straight out emo-retarded. It sucks, and it’s making our lives more anxiety filled then it should be. I doubt there is any other drug at this moment (besides cancer drugs) that people are complaining about the shortage more than adderall.


I’ve written 6 Ways to deal with the Adderall Recession that I have used first hand, when trying to get what I am prescribed by my doctor legally. The below have helped me through tough times.


Adderall Shortage

This information is taken from the FDA website which outlines drug shortages and the reason why there is a shortage. If you want to view the entire list of drugs which are experiencing a shortage, check it out here.

I have only listed the reason why amphetamine salts (the generic compound to make adderall xr and generic adderall) is on the short list.



College, The Adderall Age

Every now and then I do some reading other than my Twitter Feed and Status Updates. I recently came across this article written by Deepika Bodapati, who at the time of the article is a 16 year old junior at Presentation High School. Her article is published on -- not bad my young high school Indian.

The title of Deepika’s article is “Adderall: The New Red Bull for Teens” It’s not a bad article considering all the bullshit out on the internet about Adderall, and Adderall Consumption.

But the article is a weak attempt at saying Adderall is a gateway drug, it’s dangerous and deadly and we need to be on the lookout for Adderall abuse in our own back yards.’s never ending with these people.

Listen here Deepika...We have all become instant gratification seeking individuals that expect everything in life to be now, now, now, and perfect, perfect, perfect. While our advances in communicating to one another as well as advances in our overall work efficiency with products like the iPhone, Android, iPad, MacAir, Mac Books and Google Laptop, etc we are all plugged in, and feeding into the system.

If we don't plug in, then we become out of date, passed up and unable to see our child’s camping trip pictures because you didn’t want to create a Facebook account remember? Do you know anyone who still prints pictures these days anyway?

Adderall and Alcohol

The Good, The Bad & The Cracked Out. Adderall and Alcohol
Adderall and alcohol can help eliminate your adderall crash, by relaxing your mind, allowing you to shut off and focus on relaxing. If alcohol and adderall is not abused it can be very beneficial to help with your adderall crash. Unfortunately most of the information out on the internet tell you that combining adderall and alcohol is hazardous and can be deadly.

No it’s not -- it can only become deadly if you’re a dumb shit, take way too much adderall, don’t eat anything during the day, and then decide to go out and party your ass off drinking way too much alcohol. Be smart about it.

However, I know it’s not that easy to say be smart about your adderall and alcohol consumption because for most people, commonsense just isn’t common anymore. So here are the concerns about taking adderall and then consuming alcohol.


Adderall Release Date

Why is it so difficult for the Pharmaceutical companies Teva and Bar to tell CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid and all the other pharmacies when they are planning to release adderall?!

There is a HUGE adderall shortage going on across the country, and I’m really not happy about it. Our country is full of ADD/ADHD adults and children running around without their prescription. People take adderall to accomplish ordinary tasks that they are not able to perform without taking their medication, and are not able to because of this adderall shortage.


Adderall Dick

Does Adderall make your penis shrink?
YES! Don’t worry about it Happy

Known as Adderall Dick, POF Penis or Adderall Weenie is when a male has taken adderall and his penis has become smaller while on adderall. It is a common scare amongst guys who are not familiar with the side effects of taking adderall.


Everything is going fine and dandy with your adderall experience until about 1 1/2 hours into taking a dose you go to take a piss and you can barely find your dick.

Oh my God!! Where did my dick go!” “My dick is shrinking!” “What’s happening?!”

It didn’t necessarily go away, but it does have much less blood rushing to it, which decreases the overall length and girth of your penis. Ever hear the joke, men don’t have enough blood in their body to control both of their heads? Well...when taking adderall that sometimes is the case.


Adderall Crash - How to Deal with the Crash

UPDATED article on adderall crash symptoms and what you can do to avoid the crash.

So you took too much adderall and you’re crashing, and you’re experience the adderall crash or the adderall comedown. It happens to each and every one of us who takes adderall. So don’t freak out.


You most likely took too much adderall throughout the day, and pushed yourself to exhaustion and you’re now unable to do anything else, thus resulting in your adderall crash. Your head hurts, speaking gets slurred, and now you either need to get back to the way you felt 2 hours ago (you won’t feel that good so please call it quits with my adderall rule that you need to instill) or you need to pass out from this crash.

Please work on passing out. Here’s what to do in order to help ease the adderall crash next time.


No Adderall Consumption

I got off the addie rollercoaster and have been doing Home Improvement for the last 5 days. I find it hard to do any physical tasks when cracky. READ MORE