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Shut the Fuck Up...Please

Commonsense, just isn’t common anymore.

I’ve been saying those words for years, but it unfortunately keeps getting worse and worse. People are getting more and more dumb every year. Parents are increasing the handholding, non slapping parenting that populates new generations of pussies, and disrespectful fuck-or-fight MMA assholes and bitches to sound pollute the environment of us friendly adderall junkies.

Please leave me alone and shut the fuck up, I’m on adderall.


One of the most common adderall problems that I face is the annoyance of other people. It’s not a problem that I’m going to the bathroom every 30 seconds, and I can easily stand the pain of my TMJ, but loud, annoying people around me need to be buried in the sand, and pee’d on.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking...”Isn’t being pee’d on a good thing?” And it is, but it’s not good in this case, because it’s not out of love, and we’re not in college where it’s appropriate to try every and everything at least once.

Do people not understand the words, “Could you please shut the fuck up?”

In all seriousness - people these days think they have the right to be loud and ugly and that if anyone has a problem with it, they can shove it up their ass. I say fuck that. I wish people these days understood common sense. I wish they understood that while being in a library you need to be quiet. I actually feel sorry for the dumb blonde UCLA chick that decided it would be a good idea to post her rant about Asians in the library. If you haven’t seen the original youtube video you need to. It’s fucking great, and the responses back to her are even better.

UCLA | Asians in the Library | Shut Up | Dumb Blonde Rant

Do people not understand that they are not the only person in the sauna? I can’t stand the idiots that bump their “Beats” loud enough for me to hear their Top 40 loving playlist that they recently downloaded from Power 106. I don’t give a fuck.

What you’re doing hear is bothering me. Bothering me to the point that you really fuck up my mental clarity buzz. And with adderall being hard to get these days, losing a 40mg productivity pof buzz, can be a total game changer in the course of my life.

Imagine losing a full day? Yeah, well you just took mine away from me.

Just shut the fuck up, is that too much to ask. Is it too much to ask to be considerate?? It shouldn’t matter if you know I’m on adderall or if I’m not, but you should realize that you’re being a loud ass bitch, need to stop being loud in places of expected quiet zones, and leave me to my owns thoughts, rather than hearing your heavy breathing, bullshit music, and paper pushing ways.

If you haven’t seen the follow up Youtube video to the Dumb Blonde UCLA chick, you got to watch this. It’s too funny, and it’s one of my favorites.

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