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Limitless Adderall | Adderallville

Imagine a world where there was LIMITLESS ADDERALL, and no one cared how much adderall you ate.

Feels good doesn’t it?

A world, much like Nellyville, but a world that we'll call Adderallville. This would be a place where limitless adderall would be free for all citizens to enjoy. No more phyciatrsist appointments. No more need for insurance claims, the need for doctor check ups.
The pointless questions of “Have you lost any weight since the last time we met? Are you sleeping properly?” Of course I’m not sleeping properly! I’m on adderall!

We would never run out of adderall, and we would never again have to depend on the insufficient pharmacies to stock their shelves, because in Adderallville adderall is stocked in grocery stories, and they give it out for free.

Drinking fountains would spray diet coke, red bulls, and only the yellow, orange, and blue rockstars.

Our town would have the lowest unemployment rate, because everyone would be creating, doing, working out, staying busy and making sure their overall productivity would be at the most optimal level at all times. And if not, they’d be arrested. Because our police staff would arrest people for laziness, boredom and for being ordinary.

And our school teachers, sheriffs, doctors, parents, and peers would help one another stay productive, stay focused and inline with becoming a better citizen, and to produce something.

You would never have to ask for ketchup again, because ketchup, ranch, and A-1 would come on the side for on any meal ordered. And if you ever had to ask a fast food clerk “Can I have some ketchup please?” and they only gave you four packets of ketchup, their hands would be cut off for being stingy with the ketchup.

Sure, our conversations with one another would range from plans of world domination, or figuring out the most strategic way to get to school, but we would at least be having conversations. Because even though you’d think that our social anxiety would be at an all-time high, with the limitless adderall, because everyone is cracked out, or social fears of being weird around people would diminish. Because everyone is weird!!

Our citizens sexual appetite would increase, and we’d be humping like rabbits.
There would be more free love, unprotected sex, and blackouts. It would be awesome.

City constructions projects would get finished not just on time but under budget.

Adderallville would not carelessly spend on unnecessary public resources, and our budget analysis would be tight.

Our budget would not only be reviewed annually, but monthly, weekly, daily, and down to the hour because our Politicians by law need to take at least 60mg per day, and get shit done.

No more waiting around in lines.

No more automated phone recordings,
press #1 if you feel like fisting yourself, press #2 and go pound some sand. Companies would have to answer the damn phone, respond to emails in a timely manner, and get back to the good’ol days of fucking CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Our city would be efficient. Adderall would be supplied to anyone anytime anywhere. If there was a shortage, our Adderall Patrol would spring into action and support our
Limitless Adderall lifestyle.

Ahhh....what a thought. What a world it would be.

Now back to ordinary reality, waiting in lines, and having to ask repeatedly for more ketchup. At least I have my diet coke....

....damnit..... all out.

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