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IKEA & Adderall

I’m about to venture to IKEA to pick up some home improvement items. This should make for an interesting story, as being on adderall and being around people is not the best idea.

Wish me luck... UPDATED RESPONSE
IKEA wasn’t that bad. I had my to-do list created, well more like to-buy list, and I made sure I stuck to it. I avoided the little toddlers running all over the place, kept my eye off the delicious low-priced bakery treats and focused on the IKEA yellow areas leading me to my products.

I needed two additional cabinets to put in my closet for extra space (super excited to organize) and needed a new rod for drapes in the master bedroom.

I checked into IKEA and was out of there in less than 30 minutes.

I took my chances taking shortcuts through the anxiety induced IKEA maze, stiff armed back to school brats, heel kicked obnoxious my parents don’t know how to slap a kid anymore shit kids, picked the right check-out line, and carried my purchases straight to my car. I wasn’t going to risk leaving my goodies curbside and bring my car over, just to save myself the heavy load and walk to my car. Fuck that -- I’ll carry my heavy products to the car and break into a sweat rather than risking 35 additional minutes trapped in the worst parking lot loading zone that has ever existed.

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