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Headlines (They Know) by Drake

I’m not a fan of TOP 40 music tracks, but I got to say everytime I hear “Headlines” by Drake it makes me want to get out into the world, knock some shit over, send some emails and conquer shit.

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I’m a fan of Lil Wayne, and when Lil Wayne signed Drake onto Young Money Entertainment back in June of 2009, I knew we were into something good. If Lil Wayne endorses it, that’s good enough for me.

Even though Lil Wayne isn’t the brightest star out there, I trust his music taste but not his ability for commonsense. Like the time he got arrested by Border Patrol agents near Yuma Arizona when he was on tour.

The Border Patrol found 105 grams of marijuana, almost 29 grams of cocaine, 41 grams of MDMA and $22,000 in cash. Any commonsense there? None. But must have been one hell of a party.

I was also sleeping with a Canadian actress/waitress back then who told me there’s a hot Canadian (yes Drake is Canadian) rapper exploding out of the Toronto music scene named Drake. So even if it wasnt for Lil Wayne I knew about him. #truth

To answer your question, yes I’m super cracked out right now. 40mg deep.

If you want to feel shitty about yourself, Drake is only 25 years old. Holy shit right? He was born October 24, 1986.

This young man is out singing about money, fame, power and pussy and getting a lot of it too. #jealous

Anywho.... the next time you want to light a fire under your ass, take some yaddy wait about 10 minutes and then bump the shit out of this video. The better version of yourself will be released immediately through the sound of Drake’s flows.

That shit jack you up or what?

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