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Fat People Should Buy Two Tickets

I would be so pissed off if I had to sit next to an extremely fat or huge person on an airplane. I always try to get myself an aisle or a seat next to a pretty lady, but I have had to suffer the pain of sitting in the middle between a couple of dudes before.

But never have I ever had to sit next to an extremely fat person or an Andre The Giant size person on an airplane before. And I will die fighting to make sure that I never have to.

I have nothing against fat people, (except for their fat) however, I don’t think its fair that anyone should have to suffer and/or be put in an uncomfortable situation where an extremely large person sits next to you and takes up half of your seat as well.

If airlines charge for luggage and second baggage fee and in some cases charging to use the restroom, they why haven’t we started charging people who take up more than one seat? We charge more to get a XXL shirt. We should charge more for being exceeding the amount of girth these chairs can cover. We have grown out of the “One Size Fits All” airline seating and need to accommodate this change.

And we don’t charge extra because it’s “not fair” to charge a fat person? It’s not their fault they are fat?


People get fat because they eat like shit, are sedentary and because they choose to be. Unless the fat person has a health issue, which it very rarely the case, it’s because they choose a lifestyle that promotes obesity.

Could you imagine having to sit next to any one of these people?




It’s just not fair to have to suffer. Okay, now I’m done with my rant.

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