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Detroit Lions Travis Lewis Suspended for Adderall

Detroit Lions NFL linebacker Travis Lewis got suspended four games for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. He took Adderall.

Travis Lewis claims he thought he was taking caffeine pills, not Adderall.

“I thought I was taking caffeine pills,” Lewis said. “Big mistake. Don’t ever trust a friend that gives you something like that.”

Travis Lewis Adderall Suspension
AP File Photo

He thought he was taking Adderall? Are you serious? Anyone who has ever taken Adderall knows that it is nothing like a caffeine pill. It is MUCH better. Also, Lewis should not be pointing the blame to his so-called friend for fooling him into taking Adderall. Bitch please --- have you ever seen a caffeine pill that looks like an orange football with a 20mg or 10mg on it?

Furthermore, this friend of his needs to contact me so we can come out and become friends. First off he sounds pretty legit. Secondly, I think it would be pretty funny to fool a friend into thinking he/she was taking a caffeine pill and instead they ate an Adderall. Not a full 20mg, but a baby 10mg or less. However, unless your friend gets drug tested --- then you’re a jerk.

Lewis explained that this was his first failed drug test and said he’s passed several follow-up drug tests.

“First time ever in my career,” Lewis said. “It was unfortunate it falls under the performance enhancing drug act. I took my suspension, didn’t argue with it and moved in.”

You could say that Lewis as one hell of an

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