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College, The Adderall Age

Every now and then I do some reading other than my Twitter Feed and Status Updates. I recently came across this article written by Deepika Bodapati, who at the time of the article is a 16 year old junior at Presentation High School. Her article is published on -- not bad my young high school Indian.

The title of Deepika’s article is “Adderall: The New Red Bull for Teens” It’s not a bad article considering all the bullshit out on the internet about Adderall, and Adderall Consumption.

But the article is a weak attempt at saying Adderall is a gateway drug, it’s dangerous and deadly and we need to be on the lookout for Adderall abuse in our own back yards.’s never ending with these people.

Listen here Deepika...We have all become instant gratification seeking individuals that expect everything in life to be now, now, now, and perfect, perfect, perfect. While our advances in communicating to one another as well as advances in our overall work efficiency with products like the iPhone, Android, iPad, MacAir, Mac Books and Google Laptop, etc we are all plugged in, and feeding into the system.

If we don't plug in, then we become out of date, passed up and unable to see our child’s camping trip pictures because you didn’t want to create a Facebook account remember? Do you know anyone who still prints pictures these days anyway?

So we choose to be plugged in, having multiple conversations on multiple different platforms, while driving, cooking, working out, doing laundry, emailing, walking the dog, or running. Thus, further increasing our own ADHD/ADD and need for "Instant Gratification" in all aspects of our lives. This is precisely how the youngest generation has grown up.

Getting into a college for a 16 year old these days is tough and costly (good luck Deepika). Once you’re accepted the hard work isn’t over, it only gets more tough. Maintaining a 3.0GPA (UC System) shouldn’t take too much work if you’re a descent student, but trying to get at least a 3.0GPA while maintaining a social life which you can proud of like joining a sports team, Greek System, Band, Volunteer or Philanthropic Work is extremely hard to manage.

This results in students realizing they need to do whatever it takes to get that edge. To be able to “Do It All," and continue, as their upbringing has taught them, to obtain instant gratification.

The stats the author quotes from the AMHSA's National Survey on Drug Use and Health, which was last updated in 2009, are just that -- pointless stats.

“Among persons aged 18 to 22, full-time college students were twice as likely to use Adderall® non medically in the past year as those who had not been in college at all or were only part-time students.”

Of course college students are more likely to take adderall. It’s the new study drug and they are in college, not on the corner of Home Depot asking if they can paint your house. Adderall is the White Cross of today, which I guarantee is more dangerous and addictive then adderall, however the White Cross usage for school in the 60s, 70s, and 80s could never have been as publicized as Adderall or Ritalin is today, because there wasn’t as many News, Media, Social Media, and Internet outlets that there are today.

“In the past year, full-time college students who had used Adderall® non medically in the past year were more likely to have used illicit drugs than their non Adderall® using counterparts: almost 3 times more likely to use marijuana (79.9% vs 27.2%), 8 times more likely to use cocaine (28.9% vs. 3.6%), 8 times more likely to use tranquilizers non medically (24.5% vs. 3%) and 5 times more likely to use pain relievers non medically (44.9% vs. 8.7%).”

Again, taking Adderall to get an edge, whether it be in academia or social settings, is going to occur because most people don’t want to settle. And Adderall is what the general population has access to. Unless of course the government decides to take it away from us because too many people keep screwing it up for the rest of us. If these students do not have an addictive personality and don’t abuse the medication, all is well. It’s unfortunately the abusers and dumb mistakes of people who create the stereotype for others.

I know many extremely intelligent people who took adderall in high school and college to help with school, and graduated with a good GPA and loved college, and are now doing perfectly well in life. The type of students/people who I have seen take or who have taken adderall is more dynamic in range than the range of “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell.

College is unlike anything else, a time of maturing physically, emotionally and mentally. The experiences are priceless. But it’s not normally the classes or studies that prepare students for the real world, it’s the class called College. By attending College, pushing yourself through the battles of maintaining a high GPA, making the soccer team, getting invited to join your favorite Sorority or Fraternity, joining the debate team and going out with your friends, creates a well rounded individual, which hopefully will do something with his or her life.

So the next time a study about Adderall consumption is done, why don’t we analyze the background, the first time they took adderall, do they continue to take adderall and where they were and where they are now in life and I bet you’d be surprised at the results.

Yes, some people unfortunately become addicted to drugs. But just because someone tries adderall or even continues to take adderall without a prescription does’t mean they are a bad person or even an addict. Sure, they should seek medical attention and speak with a doctor. Maybe they are ADHD? But maybe they are caught up, in wanting to better themselves and push themselves to the limits which is the root of their addiction.

Can’t we blame society for that? Every other problematic cause in this country is always pointing their finger at society; Society this; and it’s not our fault we were born like this; unfair that, unfair this; I wouldn’t be fat or bulimic if the Media and Hollywood would just stop showcasing beautiful perfect sized women. Ha! honey, you’re fat or have an eating disorder because mommy and daddy didn’t hug you and tell you they love enough as a child. Your self esteem is shot, and “good parenting” never stepped in when the first sign of your body dysmorphic disorder occurred.

“A guns kill” is like saying “A burger kills.” Both are true — but it’s the dumb ass who pulled the trigger while messing around with the gun, or the poor parenting which didn’t lock their gun in the closet while little Jimmy had friends over.

It’s the person’s fault for continuing to go to McDonald’s and Super Size their #4. It’s the person’s fault or more prominently the parenting that took or did not take place that screwed the kids life up from the start. Not the fault of an adderall that fell into his or her lap during finals week at Harvard. That student I assure you is just fine.

Now back to feeding into the system; emailing, texting, conversing, blogging, iPad app surfing, music downloading, tweeting, updating my status and my most favorite thing to do ---- take my medication, just like the doctor ordered.

To read the full article “Adderall: The New Red Bull for Teens” please click here

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