Instant Gratification, Productive Orange Football Consumer, POF

Adderall Fog

Dear Adderall Gods,
I demolished 30mgs today in the blink of an eye, my fingers were moving on the keyboard faster than my brain could process thought while my manic and stuttering speech obviously exhibited that i was on something beyond caffeine.


A whole year and a half has gone by while being artificially aspirated on amphetamine salts; the pharmaceutical haze has been thicker than New England morning fog and I am lying here on another form on another RX that of ambien, letting the warm wave of grogginess wash over me like a morning shower.


The POF Prophecy

Although you haven’t intentionally looked for it, it found you...

Whispers of Adderall throughout your PGA meetings.

Whispers of Adderall in your Economics study group.

Whispers of your girlfriend Heather telling her girlfriend Tina, that’s its her secret to staying fit, happy and not hungry.

Whispers of Adderall from your Dad telling his friend how annoying the next door neighbors kid is, and how badly the kid needs adderall.

Whispers of Adderall from your pledge buddies from Plano, Texas.

Whispers of Adderall from your best friend growing up, who you’ve known has been taking it for years.

Whispers of Adderall from your roommate, “Please give me an Adderall.
I’m too tired to get out of bed.”

Whispers of Adderall f
rom a voice you’re not quite
sure is coming from, but tells you,
“If you eat it, you will pass. If you eat it, you will pass.”