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Arrested for Selling Vyvanse

This is a classic case of what you should not do with your prescription medicine.
Kimber Leigh West, a 19 year old resident of Lake Saint Louis sold two doses of her prescription Vyvanse to an undercover officer on August 31st and November 18th at 1600 Ronald Reagan Boulevard.

arrested-for-selling-vyvanse-kimber-west charged-for-selling-prescription-drugs

Apparently, Kimber’s mother is as bright as she is, because she only sold two tablets of Vyvanse to the undercover cop because her mom knew she was selling her medication and only gave her a limited amount of pills at a time. Good parenting there mom.

According to the police report, Kimber West was arrested on February 6th by the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department and confessed to selling her Vyvanse prescription.

In addition to being not too bright, Kimber told investigators that she uses heroine every chance she gets. WTF?

Michael Hildebrand (Kimber’s boyfriend) was also charged with selling prescription medication to the undercover officer on four different occasions: February 8th, February 9th, February 16th and February 22nd. Michael Hildebrand sold the undercover officer Suboxone (used for opiate addiction) for $30.

Bond was set for
$50,000 cash only for Michael Hildebrand and Kimber Leigh West.

So kids -- the moral of this story is what? Not to be a dumbass and sell your prescription drugs to an undercover police officer. Take your meds and be productive...don’t sell them.

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