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A recent study taken this year has said that there is a link between pesticides in our food and children becoming adhd. What the hell is going on with pesticides these days? Can’t we give is a rest and leave pesticides alone?! Of course they are giving kids attention-deficit disorder. I wouldn’t be surprised if pesticides were the cause of the dinosours becoming extinct! I bet the dino’s used some finger licking good pesticides to keep their cave-man meat nice and preserved. And they were bitching about being overly hyper active.
The doctor’s can’t prove that pesticides in agriculture are causing the adhd food link, but they are contributing to childhood learning problems --- cry cry... tear tear.

When are we going to stop giving excuses for kids retard problems? Kids are becoming more and more dumb with the increase of parent handholding and telling their kids, “Honey, you can do whatever you want to do as long as you try your best” and leading their kids into a world where they believe everything is going to be handed to them, because mommy and daddy continued to wipe their ass until little Jimmy was 13 years old.

A 2008 Emory University study found that kids who stopped eating non-organic foods and vegetables and switched to 100% organic found that their urine levels of pesticides compounds decreased signfically to being nearly undetectable.

If my tax money is going to this type of research I’m really going to get pissed off. Of course there is little detection of pesticides from the hippie kids who only eat organic. Doesn’t take a researcher to conclude that one. However, apparently it does.

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