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Adderall XR Side Effects

The adderall xr side effects which most people experience are not as dramatic, however, not as beneficial as taking immediate release or fast acting adderall. The medication is really good for people who are not able to handle as a near intense experience of taking the immediate release adderall.

When you take adderall time release, you will be taking 4 different chemical compounds which are digested differently.

Adderall XR consists of:

1/4th - dextroamphetamine saccharate
1/4th - dextroamphetamine sulfate
1/4th - racemic amphetimne aspartate monohydrate
1/4th - racemic amphetamine sulfate

The chemicals dissolve at difference rates which effects the intensity of adderall. If you want to have the adderall effect you more intensely, then either pour the small balls into an acidic liquid such as coca cola, or water with lemon in it, and let the balls dissolve for 10-15 minutes until your desired rate.

The absorption rate is affected by factors such as your weight, gender, stomach pH, age, physical condition and if you are taking another other medications, alcohol, or drugs.

Because there is a prolonged absorption to the adderall xr rather than taking an immediate release adderall, the manufactures of adderall xr (and many consumers) say that they prefer adderall xr over immediate release adderall because it has a smoother and less aggressive side effect on the CNS.

When you take extended release adderall you should consider experimenting with the pill early in the morning. The problem that most people experience with adderall xr is the “extended” amount of time it takes before the adderall wears off.

My cousin can’t handle a 15mg adderall xr after 10AM because he’ll lay in bed after 11PM and his mind will still be racing. I can take 30mg time release at 10AM and take 60mg adderall immediate release throughout the day and still fall asleep.

A 20mg time release adderall takes about 8-12 hours before it wears off if you are not use to experiencing adderall time release before.

For people with severe ADHD, time release is very beneficial. However, people who do not have ADHD and want to take adderall for effects of studying for hours, getting through work after a hangover, or just clearing the grey cloud over your head, adderall immediate release is much more effective.

For the best concoction, I recommend taking a 20mg time release at 9AM, followed by a 10mg fast acting adderall at 12PM, drinking roughly 150mg of caffeine during this time. Then another 10mg around 3:30PM, followed by another 150mg of caffeine.

This amount of pof and caffeine will keep you rocking throughout the day!!!

If you need to sleep, make sure you take your 5-HTP, smoke weed, drink Nyquil, drink alcohol, ambien or some form of sleeping pills around 10PM. You should check out my post on when to call it quits when taking adderall. That should help you with following asleep and knowing when to call it quits.
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