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Adderall Twitter

Let me start of by saying, if you are not following me on twitter, then you still have an “un-checked” box on your bucket list.


<------- click on the pretty twitter sign here so you can get that bucket list of yours one check box smaller then before. Or you can follow me @AdderallJunkie if you feel nervous about pressing on big blue things.

Now that the awkward part is over, how much better do you feel? Feels good doesn’t it? (sidenote, I’m on 20mg right now).

The great thing about adderall and twitter, is that they both go hand-and-hand. There are only a few things better than taking an adderall and dicking around on twitter until your medication kicks in.

Who to follow?

What should I tweet?

What’s trending?

What is @IamEnidColeslaw saying this morning, today, afternoon, while she’s masturbating or shaving her vagina? (Yeah, Enid Coleslaw is some twisted bitch, and I heart her for it).

There is so much to keep yourself stimulated and occupied it just makes sense. I can’t believe I didn’t create my twitter account sooner. Well, in all honesty, I did have “Join Twitter” on my to-do list but it just took me a while to get to it.


Twitter has become a close friend to me over the last few months. For a while, it was only me and twitter. My world got turn upside down with some personal drama and I turned to twitter as my therapuetic release. Twitter turned into my therapy. A place that I turned to vent, connect and use as an outlet because I only had time to think of a 140 letter thought during this shitty time anyway. And I don’t think my insurance covers and therapy sessions anyway...sooooooooooo

Not only has twitter been such a dear friend, it has introduced me to other twitter people out there who have similar taste, interests and make me realize how sane I am compared to these wackjobs.

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