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Adderall Side Effects In Men

Its fun to make fun of your friends when he or she is cracked out. Calling your friend out because he has extreme dry-mouth or telling your girlfriend her breathe stinks like a sewer and needs a tic-tac is all in good cause. Or when you attempt to form a conversation and it comes out in sporadic words with a side of tourettes you know your friends are going to have a good laugh.

Oh the joys of being so productive sometimes come with side effects that guys and girls both experience. However, there are different side effects of that effect men and women differently. Since I do not have a vagina, I’m going to start off by highlighting Adderall side effects in men, which mostly highlights Adderall sexual side effects. We’ll talk about women side effects on another post.

Adderall Side Effects In Men

Adderall Dick
This has to be one of the most common side effects that males experience. Adderall dick or pof weenie is when you get so cracked out your penis literally shrinks (I.E jumping into a cold pool). But fear not fellow male Adderall consumers --- your penis does go back to normal size after the addie wears off. I like to think about Adderall dick as being so cracked out your body doesn’t have enough blood in its body to have both heads thinking. Therefore, your mind is stimulated and your penis has shrunk. Click adderall dick to read more on the topic.

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Adderall & Prostate Problems

Some men complain that they have a hard time urinating when on Adderall. The only problems peeing I have when pof’ed out occurs when I’m drinking so much water and going to the bathroom constantly and then getting up to go again and I can’t pee, because I actually don’t have to. I’m being a creature of habit and thinking I have to pee. However, some men experience problems urinating like sharp pains while peeing, dribble, not a constant flow or strong stream. If this occurs to you please see your doctor and make sure it’s not a STD or a UTI first. If you have prostate cancer or problems in your family, make sure your doctor is aware as well.

Adderall Sex ¿Te Gusta or No Te Gusta?
When I’m cracked out, the last thing on my mind is sex. All I want to do is focus on taking over the world and not on ass. My breath stinks, I probably pooped 3 times in the last 2 hours and have a major case of swamp ass and even if I wanted my dick to get hard it wouldn’t. (more about Adderall erectile dysfunction after this). Depending on my addie intake, my body odor smells like 3-day-old football pads and I’d sweat all over the poor girl just trying to take my close off. No thank you, I’d rather be learning html or deep cleaning my fridge.

If I need to get my dick up, I’ll take a nibble of Viagra and be golden.

Although, there are many times when I’m cracked out and have nothing to focus on (or more likely don’t want to be focusing on what I need to be focusing on) and I’ll start becoming sex obsessive. I can’t get my mind off sex. I have to get off – now! I’ll start thinking about, “What girl should I be calling for a booty call right now? Who’s available at 3PM on a Sunday? Or should I really take my intern up on grabbing drinks right now?” If I’m home and no females I can get obsessive into watching porn and beating off. I’ve spent many hours being cracked out and watching porn. It’s a great time killer. When I’m in the weird cracked out horny drunk high state of mind, getting ass is the best thing on earth.

Adderall Boner
The opposite of Adderall dick, when I get in focused on sex I can get a raging boner. I’m not walking around with a boner all the time, but if I’m in the act of getting some she’ll think I’m a freak of nature. And being thought of as a freak of nature because your dick is so hard is not a bad thing.
Never Ending Bathroom Breaks
Peeing and pooping more than usual is common amongst Adderall consumers, both men and women. However, when a woman takes a dump and when a man takes a dump are highly different. Yes, women, I understand you crush the toilet now and then, but you’ll never know the trials and tribulations us men have when pooping. We plan are poops around our daily schedule. We have it mapped out. Unlike women who sit down to go pee and then, “Oh would you look at that --- I didn’t know I had to poop and now I’m pooping! Sarah, I’m almost done in here your up next!” And with that she’s already done pooping.

Us men are prepared for the poops, but with Adderall our system is off. It’s not a solid stool, every poop needs two flushes from the smell and the skid marks, and if I don’t have baby wipes I’m in for a really bad time. I find myself shitting at least 3-5 times a day. Last week I had to run to the bathroom. I almost recreated the scene from, “I HOPE THEY SERVE BEER IN HELL.” It was terrible, but luckily I made it.

I hope the stories I shared made you laugh and made you feel like you’re not alone out there guys. Keep on pof’ing out and share you stories.

-AJ Pof

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