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Adderall Shortage Solutions

The Adderall Shortage that is happening across the counrty is straight out emo-retarded. It sucks, and it’s making our lives more anxiety filled then it should be. I doubt there is any other drug at this moment (besides cancer drugs) that people are complaining about the shortage more than adderall.


I’ve written 6 Ways to deal with the Adderall Recession that I have used first hand, when trying to get what I am prescribed by my doctor legally. The below have helped me through tough times.

I’m going to start with the most successful Adderall Solutions first. Because lets be honest, unless you’re cracked out, you don’t have the attention span to get through a long list.
6 Ways to Adderall Shortage Solutions

1) - Sign on to your Yelp account and search in your area for a nearby pharmacy. After you’ve surveryed the area, call every single pharmacy in the area, that is not a coporate pharmacy chain. A coporate chain would be, Krogers, Savon, RiteAid, CVS, etc.

Look for the Mom & Pops Pharmacies in your area. This has been a LIFE SAVER for me, because most people don’t want to bother with the extra drive and stop it takes to go to Mom & Pop. Most people want to be lazy fat-asses and get their prescription filled why they are grocery shopping for donuts.

2) Don’t Waste Your Time/ Stand Up For Yourselves: If you need to call the larger pharmacies don’t let them tell you, “I’m sorry sir/maam but I can’t tell you if we have or do not have adderall on the shelves. You’ll need to come in with your prescription because we don’t know for sure if you actually have a prescription.”

This is complete utter bullshit, and they absolutely can tell you. Explain to them, the importance of getting your medication and how your legally prescribed medication is going through a worse recession than the Las Vegas real estate market circa 2008.

It’s not your fault the DEA put restrictions on amphetamine salts and you can’t get your meds. It’s midterm season, Q4 sales report and people everywhere wants their goods!!

Tell the pharmacist how its really important for you to be told if they have or do not have it in stock, because you’ve already driven to 3 other pharmacies, and you don’t have the time to dick around when you have to pick up the kids, study for midterms, get to work or whatever you come up with to tell them.

They should tell you if they do or do not have the adderall on the shelves.

3) Recommendations: Ask every pharmacist if they have any recommendations to pharmacies in the area that might be helpful in getting you your medication. Large bullshit pharmacies always say, “Yeah....we’re morons, and it’s on back order. We haven’t been told when its coming in.... Sorry..”

That’s total bullshit, and anyone who has had any experience with customer service, from selling lemonades on the corner, to pumping gas knows that there should be a better response than, “Sorry, we don’t know when its coming in.”


Reason Why & Solution
The large corporate pharmacies do not have the answers, because they truly were never told the answers. They don’t have open communication with the drug distributors like the MOM & POP pharmacies do.

I went to an unknown pharmacy today and not only did they give me the best customer service ever, they filled my Adderall XR prescription right then and there, and ordered my Adderall IR prescription because they only had “Brand” adderall in stock and it was nearly $200 with my insurance.

Oh -- and they told me the order would be in tomorrow fucking morning, no later than 11:00AM!! Are you kidding me?! I’ve been kind to the Adderall Gods! Unlike CVS where those dipshits had my prescription for nearly two weeks, and I was the one who had to call in asking, “Is it filled yet?” Nice customer service there....

I heard from a twitter follower, that he got his prescription mailed back to him from his pharmacy because they couldn’t fill his prescription. It took them two weeks before they mailed it. No call, no text, no email, not even a damn fax. Snail mail...good form...good form.

4) Milligrams: The most common prescribed adderall tablets are 20mg Adderall IR. These are nearly out in all pharmacies. If you are having trouble filling your prescription, you could ask your doctor to write you 10mg IR tablets, twice a day, rather than one 20mg once a day, or whatever prescription strength you have.

You might even find out that your insurance drops the cost for prescription payment, because most insurance companies charge their client on the amount of pills you get prescribed, not the amount of milligrams or strenght. Or if its not the amount of pills you get its brand verse generic. Always choose generic. You’ll save a lot of cash.

5) Be A Squirrel: It’s a tough time, and the best bet is to never run out of your adderall medication. Try to cut your medication down in half, break pills into quarters, or open your adderall xr tablet and poor only half into your mouth instead of the entire tablet. Yeah, it sucks, but it will pass.

6) Adderall Pharmacy Locator: Check out my last post about the adderall shortage where I have the phone numbers listed. Or since you don’t want to search for them, here yah go.

Shire Customer Service Number: 1-800-828-2088 Shire Pharmacy Locator Number: 1-800-828-2088 select “Option 5” for assistance in locating a pharmacy in your area with product availability.

Teva Customer Service Number: (888) 838-2872

Global Customer Service Number: (215) 558-4300

They should tell you a pharmacy located in your area that has their drugs in stock, or at least direct you to a place where you can get your prescription filled.

Good luck to you all out there. I know it’s a really tough time, but it will get better.

Make sure you pray to the Adderall Gods before you go to sleep tonight. They will shelter you, and protect you from laziness, excessive weight gain, and academic probation.


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