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Adderall Release Date

Why is it so difficult for the Pharmaceutical companies Teva and Bar to tell CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid and all the other pharmacies when they are planning to release adderall?!

There is a HUGE adderall shortage going on across the country, and I’m really not happy about it. Our country is full of ADD/ADHD adults and children running around without their prescription. People take adderall to accomplish ordinary tasks that they are not able to perform without taking their medication, and are not able to because of this adderall shortage.

I have an idea -- why doesn’t Teva and Bar produce more than enough Adderall Brand pills and Generic Adderall pills so for those who are being treated for ADHD/ADD with Adderall are able to take their medication as prescribed.

It’s ridiculous.

Please stock your shelves with medication so we don’t have to go days, and even weeks without our medication.

I dropped my Adderall prescription off on Sunday, and it’s been nearly a week and it’s not yet filled. When asked, “Why the fuck not?” The only response the pharmacist can say is -- they have not yet told us when they plan on releasing more adderall.

Have not yet told them? Who gives a shit -- order, order, order then order some more adderall so you don’t run out.

Simple as that.

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