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Adderall Fog

Dear Adderall Gods,
I demolished 30mgs today in the blink of an eye, my fingers were moving on the keyboard faster than my brain could process thought while my manic and stuttering speech obviously exhibited that i was on something beyond caffeine.


A whole year and a half has gone by while being artificially aspirated on amphetamine salts; the pharmaceutical haze has been thicker than New England morning fog and I am lying here on another form on another RX that of ambien, letting the warm wave of grogginess wash over me like a morning shower.

The peaks require more dosage and the crashes induce more suicidal thoughts and feelings if aching despair.

I went to the doctor and played reverse psychology on him by asking to be my taken off the drugs or my uncertainty as to their adverse effects. My doc said we all gotta do what we gotta do to advance and if addy helps me do so then that should be my only concern, so I walked out of there armed with enough   Amphetamines to keep a small army up for a month.

Did I forget to mention I become sentimental when hitting these all time dopamine lows?

Time to create magic and make my pof dreamscape a reality.

Your brother in little orange pills,


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