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Adderall Crash - How to Deal with the Crash

UPDATED article on adderall crash symptoms and what you can do to avoid the crash.

So you took too much adderall and you’re crashing, and you’re experience the adderall crash or the adderall comedown. It happens to each and every one of us who takes adderall. So don’t freak out.


You most likely took too much adderall throughout the day, and pushed yourself to exhaustion and you’re now unable to do anything else, thus resulting in your adderall crash. Your head hurts, speaking gets slurred, and now you either need to get back to the way you felt 2 hours ago (you won’t feel that good so please call it quits with my adderall rule that you need to instill) or you need to pass out from this crash.

Please work on passing out. Here’s what to do in order to help ease the adderall crash next time.

Adderall Crash Help

1) Prevention is the first step in not having an adderall crash. I don’t mean to sound like a Catholic Church preaching the best way to not get pregnant or a STD is to practice Abstinence. No one believes that shit, because we all know that you can still get herpes from a public toilet. Well...only girls can... Winking

If you don’t overdue it with your pof consumption, you won’t end up crashing. Realize how much adderall you consumed today, and don’t reach that point again.

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2) Take vitamin C - Vitamin C helps decrease the absorption of adderall. This can slow down any further absorption that your body might still be doing. It also will help with your headache. Also, citric acid, found in grapefruit juice should also lessen the side effects of adderall, however, it is typically only effective when taken within an hour of consuming adderall.

3) Take two (2) aspirins.

4) Turn Off - Ease your mind. Stop staring at the computer screen, reading your ipad, watching tv, and texting all at the same time. You need to turn yourself off, and you’re not going to be able to unless you stop, drop, and relax. Yes, easier said than done so keep reading.

5) Eat. You mostly likely are starving and you don’t know it. Your blood sugar is low, your adderall headache is increasing and you’re becoming angry and short tempered.

EAT SOMETHING! Just do it! Eat a large protein meal, ideally lean beef. This will help your body rejuvenate itself, while also reducing the chances of you getting an adderall hangover tomorrow morning. Your body is not getting enough nutrients that it needs, and while consuming carbs will be helpful protein will give back to your muscles and give your body the extra push that it needs.

6) Sex - If you’re able to have sex at this time you’re one lucky S.O.B. Having sex during an adderall come down has always helped me get release (no pun intended) from the adderall side effects of the crash, and passing out after the job is done is like cloud-9.

If you don’t have a BF/GF or a one nightstand to enjoy your adderall crash release then exercise. Sex is perfect because you increase your cardio output and push yourself through the crash in a natural manner, while releasing your bodies own natural endorphines.

Oh, and masturbating does not count as sex. Although it still helps, it’s not the same.

7) Exercise. If you can’t have sex with a partner, exercising is the next best thing. Or it’s the best thing depending on your sexual performance abilities. And/or if you just can’t get sexually turned on because you’re on way too much pof. This happens with guys not being able to get an eriction because they have what is known as “adderall dick” or “pof weenie.”

Don’t get upset about that, it’s happens to the best of us. And it happens to me, and I’m the best of them Winking

8) Smoke Weed - this helps me tremendously. But it also has negative side effects on some people who can’t handle the weed and start to trip out. The way I view weed and adderall is a boxing match between to handheld boxing puppets inside my head.


Weed always beats adderall up. No matter how much adderall I have taken, I can smoke it away. Same with the image above, (provided by New England will always beat Pittsburg Winking

9) Alcohol. This is the same for rule #8. Be careful however not to drink too much alcohol, because you’ll be fucked in the morning. You’ll most likely blackout tonight if you drink too much, because you have no food in your belly, and you think you’re a rockstar on adderall.

10) Ambien. This pushes me over the edge and gets me to fall asleep fast. Be careful not to mix uppers (adderall) and ambien (downers) together too much or taken too close to one another. This could be fatal.

11) 5-HTP. Love this stuff. I take it every night I have taken adderall.


It’s a neurotransmitter support supplement, which supports positive mood, and gives me a clear head in the morning, and a relaxed state of mind after I have taken it. This is not nearly as strong as an ambien, so start here before you move there. Adderall and 5-HTP is something that everyone will love.

12) Xanax. Need I say anything more?

13) Ativan (Lorzepam). is bliss again, with just one of these little anti-anxiety happy pills.

14) Cigarettes - Not what I do, but some people swear by it.

15) Meditate - I find that meditating in a dark room, with my eyes closed and really trying to focus on nothing, rather than adderall thoughts gets me into a relaxed state.

16) Music - Put on something quiet and relaxing and let yourself space out and become calm. I wouldn’t put on party music, because all you’ll want to do it party.

If one or a combination of the above don’t level you out from your adderall crash, then you are one crazy mother fucker.

I’d love to hear what else other people do to avoid an adderall crash.

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