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Trade Nations | My Love For Beans

I’ve grown to love Trade Nations. Watching my villagers harvest crops, sheer wool, and gather rocks has found a new place in my heart and managed to fulfill productive time I could be spending on work or benefiting personal relationships.

Trade Nations is a free app game, that I installed 3-4 weeks ago on my iPad. I got over my “Angry Birds” addiction and needed another game to waste some time. And let me tell you --- I found it.

The goal of the game is to build a big bad-ass village, and feel like a big dick. The game is free but does take time and patients if you plan on never spending any “real” money to advance your village.

The way the developers make their money by enticing you to buy “beans.” Beans are used to speed up production, build larger buildings, purchase more land, etc. in replace for city gold and your time. For example, a more advanced building, like the Loom, which turns wool into clothing, takes 24 real life hours until the building is complete. That’s a long time to wait to get some clothes. And when I’m cracked out, it’s really tough to wait 24 hours to have the Loom, to get my clothes to purchase other buildings that require clothes to be purchased. I could use beans to get my Loom (or even use my beans to purchase clothes directly) to speed up production and it could be done in less than 30 seconds.

Trade Nations does reward you some beans after collecting enough taxes or advancing levels but the time to collect beans is too slow, and you’ll find yourself purchasing beans through your iTunes account in no time. After getting to level 6, the game offered me 160 Beans for only $4.99!!! With the 20mg in my belly and the $4.99 in my iTunes account, I knew what I must do with this kind of deal never before seen..... Buy it.

The guilt doesn’t kick in until you’ve used your beans. Because the first few minutes of having 160 beans in your bank you feel like you’ve just been sent to two Dell Laptops instead of only one that you ordered (true story) and you put on R. Kelly’s best “I Believe I Can Fly” and run through the hallways of your college dorm singing I BELIEVE I CAN FLY, at the top of your lungs.... In my defense, I was drunk when I opened up the boxes.

When the guilt does kick, in just look at your rock’in city, and realize that for only spending $4.99 you have advanced your village farther than you could have in 48 hours of real life. And for 48 hours of my time, I easily pay $4.99 for 160 Beans.

I unfortunately have not been offered a deal like that again. And to add: You Know You’re Cracked Out When your purchase beans on the toilet because you want your fortress built before you get off the pot. Purchasing 180 beans for $9.99.

Beans are like crack baby! I just need it! scratch neck here

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