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Google Wallpaper Doodle, I'm Stoned

It’s no surprise that I took a liking to the entire Google Wallpaper Doodle art contest performed by 40 Regional Finalists. I’m super stoned.

This is what Google says:

Vote now on the 40 Regional Finalists!
Here is a display of our top 40 Regional Finalists. Public online voting on these 40 Regional Finalists is now open through May 13, 2011 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time (PT). This public vote will help determine the four national finalists, one per grade group (K-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12). You may only vote once in each of the four grade groups. On May 19, 2011 we will announce the national winner at an awards ceremony in New York. The national winner's doodle will appear on on May 20, 2011. For a list of the State Finalists that are not a part of this online voting round, please click here.”

I signed into Google and saw the vote now link and just had to click on it. Some of these Google Wallpaper pictures are extremely awesome. And I’m sure that some of the students actually drew some of the pictures, but you know that some of these kids parents drew the picture for the kid in grade school K-3. I’m mean grandmother wrote every single one of my “current events” in 3rd grade, and if this kind of contest was around when I was younger, and my grandmother knew how to draw this well, you better be damn sure that I would have been one of the top 40 regional finalists.

Parents and grandmothers alike, will do anything they can to show of their kid.

Google 13

I’re going to tell me that 7 year old Matteo Lopez here actually drew this Doodle 4 Google?
It’s awesome, of course it is, but there is no way a 7 year old drew this. I’d like to see the YouTube video “Making of the SPACE LIFE by Matteo Lopez”

However, who ever drew any of the pictures they are all great, and I had to put together a Google Wallpaper with all of the doodles combined.

I hope you enjoy the cracked out stoney feeling that this picture brings to me. Every Google 4 Doodle is in there. Thanks Google for putting on such a great contest.

Google Doodle Wall Paper

Damn I’m high.
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