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6 Steps To Taking Adderall XR

There has been a shortage of generic adderall throughout the United States within the last year.
It’s probably due to the fact that more and more people are diagnosing themselves with adult a.d.h.d and/or parents are not wanting (or not thinking) there child to run around the house so they quickly come to the decision that their kids have a.d.d rather then realizing their kid is a kid, and the kid wants to run around, and chase butterfly’s with Super Sokers and tool out.
True story about chasing butterflies with Super Sokers. That was probably the highest point of my life for animal cruelty. I’d rather slap a old woman than hear a dog whimper, but that’s another story. Either way, generic adderall is running low and more and more people are turning towards adderall xr. However, adderall xr is not nearly as cool, as fast acting pof, so I’d recommend you do the following next time you are going to take it. 1) Get a can of Coca-Cola. 2) Poor Coca-Cola into a shot glass. 3) Take your adderall xr time release capsule and open it up. (carefully open it up over a napkin or plate in case you drop it) 4) Poor the beads, found within the time release capsule into the shot glass full or coca-cola. 5) Wait 15-20 minutes. 6) Now, take your shot of adderall coca-cola and enjoy. What you’ve done is tricked the little adderall time release beads into thinking that they were in your stomach. The time release beads have a small layer of film around them that needs to break down in order for your body to consume the medication. By putting the time release beads into the coca-cola, the layer of film is being dissolved by the coca-cola, allowing you to get the effects of the adderall quicker. Now, if you want to prepare in advance, you may want to put the time release balls into the coke earlier in the day to allow the time release balls to break down even faster. However, BE CAREFUL! You may completely dissolve the balls, and not get left with any of your finger licking good pof beads. Pof beads.... now that’s a knew cracked out word isn’t it?? Pof Beads.... Kind of sounds like a bdsm toy or something weird. Anyway - I’ve enjoyed the use of time release “pof beads" inside a coca-cola filled shot glass many times and I hope that you them as well. -AJ out like wow!
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