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Adderall Headache

I decided today would be a good day not to take adderall... Why is any day a good day not to take
adderall ? ? ?

I guess I start to overanalyze my adderall consumption and realize that I’m taking adderall more days than I’m not taking adderall. So... in fear for becoming dependent, and I’m not an advicocate or give any sympathy for addiction. I don’t think anyone should be messing around with any kind of drugs, if they have an addictive personality. I do not believe that addiction is a disease. It turns into a disease once you are addicted, but that’s another post, and another tangent. And yes, it doesn’t support the medical evidence but whatever...neither does the belief that God created the world and there is sure enough a huge following for that belief.
All I hear is the Mariachi music, the cha-cha-cha coming from my pill container. They call to me---just eat me. I'm delicious, beautiful, orange and shaped like a football.

My adderall headache worsens. The areas of pain is normally my frontal lobe, or the forehead, which feels like a constant throb of pressure.

Fuck it. I’m going to take 20.

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