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Adderall Crash

I’m exhausted.... I’ve been on the adderall roller coaster since April 8th hitting the replay buttom day start and day end. There has really been no beginning or ending of the days, they have turned into blurs and memories that feel took place years ago.

Did we meet with Sarah on Monday, or was that this morning? Yes... it was this morning... I’m losing my mind and my head feels like one big adderall pill.

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However, It’s been a very productive week, and I’ve actually held myself to a consistant workout routine, which has been the only form of release (besides masturbation, but it doesn’t count) that I’ve been able to squeeze in for myself (no pun intended).

I’ll be on this adderall roller coaster for a couple more days, then it’s off to never never land.

-AJ cracked out, blacked out, wish I could pass the f*ck out
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