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4 Hour Adderall Work Week

I’m going to write a book and call it the “4 Hour Adderall Work Week.” I think the title is perfect for our generation of not just “the new rich” but the new adderall speed “instant gratification” lifestyle that we all want.

This photo from “Clueless” and by Sean D’Souza is a great representation of our current generation.

Not only is the 4 Hour Adderall Work Week affecting the lives of the 15-38 year olds, but little kids are becoming more needy and craving the need for now now now.

Parents are hoping on board, and realizing the power of social media, texting, and how efficient they can be removing themselves from land lines, becoming mobile, and learning that a text is more efficient than a phone call.

I remember when my mom and dad learned how to text. But I can’t remember what it was like before they knew how to text. I don’t know how my sister and I had the patience to deal with the phone calls and long drawn out voicemails that my mom leaves. She occasionally still leaves the long drawn out messages, but I love her anyway Happy

The 4 Hour Adderall Work Week doesn’t mean, that we’re a generation of pill poppers, even though we our. It represents a lifestyle that we as American’s all crave and have become accustomed to. A text doesn’t go through, and you become pissed, your phone drops a call and it was the most important call ever! We don’t think about the fact that our cell phones are communicating through a fucking satellite rotating in outer space, and then projecting itself using some for of quantum physics to communicate.

How did we exist before cell phones? “Hey Billy. Meet my at the Commons at 8PM tonight alright?” Sure. --- yeah, like you can ever trust Billy to show up on time. We need cell phones.

Doctor offices, and other medical practicioners need to get rid of their faxes. No one faxes these days. Print, scan, email. Done and done. Get rid of phone lines, and become digital for the love of jebuz.

Twitter has become the new way to communicate, Myspace is dead no matter how hard Justin Timberlake tries.

Facebook is turning into a search engine, Google is turning into a social media platform, and Tiger Woods is getting back into golf. What did he ever do wrong?

When our
4 Hour Adderall Work Week lives become threatened with waiting rooms, being on hold, having to wait more than 15 mins for your food at a restaurant (did you know that no restaurant should ever take more than 15 minutes to bring you your food once you ordered? True life), and politicians crack down on steroids (let them take steroids, who cares!) we as American’s need to fight back and ensure our instant gratification lifestyle.

We need to fight for our freedom to take pills, supplements, drive fast cars, push the boundaries and ask for MORE MORE MORE NOW NOW NOW.

For this is America -- and once they take away our adderall -- they take away our freedom.

The 4 Hour Adderall Work Week lives on! And will be coming to a downloadable platform near you soon Winking

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