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Adderall Side Effects

I'm constantly asked the questions what are the adderall immediate release side effects and what are the adderall xr side effects? Should I take time release or immediate release adderall? What do you prefer taking?

You should not be receiving many adderall side effects if you are taking your medication as prescribed. Adderall is one of the most common prescription drugs that is prescribed for ADD (attention deficit disorder) or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) for children, teens and adults. It is so common that as of this writing (August 2011), there has been a huge shortage of adderall
throughout pharmacies across the country. It's a total downer going to CVS, RiteAid, Walgreens and they say their out.

*NOTE* Adderall salts are considered to have an extremely high abuse potential because of the addictive nature that it has on your Central Nervous System (CNS). Because it has such a high potential for abuse, the US DEA have classified adderall as a Schedule II drug.

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Your doctor is not allowed to write refills on the bottle, and your are not allowed to receive a refill of your adderall medication until 30 days have passed since your last refill. Your insurance provider and your health care provider are aware that adderall is a Schedule II drug which is the reason you are not allowed a refill within 30 days.

Depending on the dose that is consumed, adderall has significally reduced symptoms associated with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and ADD (attention deficit disorder). As well as the many beneficial adderall side effects that come with it, there are other adderall side effects which are not as well received.

The most common negative adderall side effects are dry mouth, blurred vision, increase or decrease in sexual arousal, fast or irregular heart beat, fever, chills, becoming hot or cold, anxiety, irritable, exhaustion, confusion, decrease or increase of memory recall, frequent urination (remember that adderall is based with amphetamine salts, which will increase your bodies output and feel like an increase of metabolism. It's much like a diuretic).

The most common adderall side effect is getting a headache, which usually
occurs within the first hour after taken or once the medication is wearing off. Weight loss, which normally occurs because there is a decrease in your appetite. Please be aware of your food intake, and just because you may not be experience hunger you need to be eating as your normally would. Most of the time, the common adderall side effects are less likely to occur if you keep your body regularly hydrated and fed properly.

There are different adderall side effects ranging from adderall immediate release side effects and adderall xr side effects.

Common Side Effects of Adderall

 -Loss of appetite is easily the most common side effect of Adderall -As a result of the loss of appetite, many people will lose weight while on it -Stomach pain -Dry mouth -Trouble being able to fall asleep -Headache, dizziness, nervousness -Decreased sex drive So that concludes the non-serious Adderall side effects. Now, we are going to move onto the more serious side effects.

Like a lot of drugs, the serious Adderall side effects are commonly as a result of one thing, and that is a possible allergic reaction to the drug. This would be a huge problem for anyone that is taking the drug, but with the right precautions and steps you can make sure that it won't happen to you.

Also, remember that while the serious side effects of any drug (not necessarily just Adderall) may sound scary, always remember that these side effects are pretty much unavoidable with any ADHD medicine, and the likelihood of them happening to you are so small it really shouldn't affect your position on taking the drug. So below are the serious Adderall side effects.

Adderall Immediate Release Side Effects

    The adderall immediate release side effects which I experience when taking 20mg of immediate release adderall is the following:

    - Within the first 20 minutes - 60 minutes I have a euphoric feeling and excitement towards any activity that I'm focusing on. This occurs because of the amphetamines salt increases the output of dopamine and norpinephrine in your brain. This is what makes you feel happy! and want to speak 1,000 words per minute!

    - Within 60 minutes - 120 minutes I have gone to the bathroom more than normal, and I've probably had to have taken a number 2 because for most people, adderall has the ability to do what 2-3 cups of coffee can do to your digestive track, which makes you need to go.

    During this time, I need to make sure that I am staying on track with my endeavors and not getting side tracked by reality shows, Trade Nations or any other activity (SQUIRREL!) that can consume my attention. I'm ADHD for a reason, and I need to concentrate my behavior towards the task at hand. I normally do not become sidetracked and during this time I find that I work faster, I do not put off tasks, I have more courage to call that person that I've been needing to call, and I become more social.

Playing Trade Nations and being on Adderall can be a huge waste of time. Be careful gamers.

    - Within 120 minutes and on, the adderall immediate release side effects that I'm experience are slim. I'm becoming a little less focused than normal and usually after a couple hours of work, I need to get up and walk around, increase my bodies blood flow, and then get back to work.

    I've noticed that instead of taking more adderall, if I supplement with 80mg of caffeine (amount of caffeine thats in a redbull and less than a cup of coffee, coffee has 100mg per cup) my adderall will last longer, and my attention will stick.

    - 3 to 4 hours after my intial adderall consumption I will take another 20mg of adderall immediate release.

    - 30 minutes - 3 hours after my second 20mg adderall dose is crucial. This is the time where I need to make sure that all the work that I have thought out to complete today needs to get done. If I find myself getting distracted, I take another lap around the office, and then get back to work as soon as possible.
    I'm experiencing dry mouth which I supplement with drinking water, but not too much water because I hate having to constantly get up and go to the bathroom at work. I also chew gum that is specifically designed to help fight dry mouth. It helps. I will also chew Rockstar Caffeinated Gum which is a great alternative to drinking caffeinated beverages because you get the bump of energy from the caffeine but you don't have to go to the bathroom as much.

    I've found that my vision is not what it used to be. I work on the computer for nearly 8 hours a day, and my vision started to decline from my computer use not my adderall consumption. I look away from the computer screen as much as possible, and do eye strengthing techniques when my vision gets off.

    - 6-8 hours after my initial adderall dose, I'm getting tired. I don't want to take any more adderall because I don't want to be cracked out when I get home, and stay up all night.

    - 8 hours after my initial dose - I'm tired, hungry, and want to turn my mind off. I eat, watch tv and space out before calling it a day and going to bed.

    To help myself sleep and to fight off any adderall side effects such as anadderall hangover or adderall puffy badger eyes that I might get tomorrow morning, I take 5-HTP which is a neurostransmitter support supplement that supports positive mood, relaxes me into a sleep, and wakes me up feeling fresh and not drained from the adderall.
Adderall immediate release side effects are more likely to cause akathisia or motor restlessness than adderall xr side effects.

I also find that I'm much more likely to be exhausted or have the stereotypical side effects of fast acting adderall than adderall time release.

Immediate release adderall is more likely to be abused, because once you start to come down off the adderall, you want to take more to maintain your focus and crackish'ness.

Adderall XR Side Effects

The adderall xr side effects which most people experience are not as dramatic, however, not as beneficial as taking immediate release or fast acting adderall.

Adderall XR consists of:

1/4th - dextroamphetamine saccharate
1/4th - dextroamphetamine sulfate
1/4th - racemic amphetimne aspartate monohydrate
1/4th - racemic amphetamine sulfate

The rate at which the above compounds are absorb correlates the overall adderall xr side effects that one might receive.
The absorption rate is affected by factors such as your weight, gender, stomach pH, age, physical condition and if you are taking another other medications, alcohol, or drugs.

Because there is a prolonged absorption to the adderall xr rather than taking an immediate release adderall, the manufactures of adderall xr (and many consumers) say that they prefer adderall xr over immediate release adderall because it has a smoother and less aggressive side effect on the CNS.

The average time that it takes to breakdown a 20mg adderall xr is between 10 hours and 13 hours.

*NOTE* Please be cognitive when taking adderall xr that you are not taking "extended release" too late in the day. Because it takes longer to completely breakdown, many people have had problems sleeping, which leads to an increase in exhaustion, irritability, and potential aggression.