Adderall Junkie

"The first immediate gratification pop culture blog, servicing the overly stimulated "immediate gratification" demanding generation we have created."

- AJ Pof

Adderall Junkie
: A person that not only requires but demands immediate (adderall speed) gratification in all aspects of his or her life. Pursing success, and burning the candle at both ends, we are a group of people who don't cater to the vanilla lifestyle of ordinary. We create, we build, we lead. We are the generation that will prove those statistics wrong and will surpass the productivity levels of those before us. We will achieve greatness. For we have found greatness -- and it comes in immediate release and extended release.

This website has been built to discuss, rant, rave, comment and leave random cracked out messages or discussions about being an adderall junkie.

Thoughts on adderall will be your dumping ground for all those wacked out thoughts that come to your head, that you would normally feel to weird to share to your study partner across the table from you.


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